What is E. citizen?

E.citizen is a one-stop website aimed to enhance interaction between the Government as well as the bodies in its area of administration and the public, to ensure better public awareness and to provide Lithuanian residents as well Lithuanian nationals residing abroad with an easier and more user-friendly access to relevant information and, where necessary, an opportunity to contact public authorities. This represents a partnership between the Government and the bodies within its area of administration on the one hand and citizens on the other hand, with a view to enhance information exchange, service provision and interactive participation.

E.citizen is an electronic service for the involvement of residents in the decision-making process. It enables swift and user-friendly on-line access to the bodies falling within the Government’s area of administration;  allows the applicant to follow the progress of application processing; to receive responses electronically in a centralized fashion; to take part in public consultations and surveys; and to submit petitions. Citizens may take an active part in public consultations and public opinion surveys initiated by the Government. Upon completion of a public consultation or survey, the portal publishes their results and the public may verify whether or not citizens’ suggestions had any influence on the specific decisions taken

Last updated: 27-08-2015