How to participate?

Each person is significant in making decisions that are important to the state. There are various ways in which everyone can get involved in running the country:

Participate in public consultation: have your say when drafting legislation or choosing between options. The list of public consultations can be found here.

Initiate the legislative process:

  • 50,000 citizens can initiate a law
  • 300,000 citizens can initiate a referendum
  • even 1 citizen can petition for human rights and freedoms, reforms, and other important issues. Information on filing petitions can be found here.

Participate in the activities of non-governmental organisations: participation in non-governmental organisations enables solving problems relevant to oneself, one’s community, and society. A list of non-governmental organisations operating in Lithuania can be found here.
Vote in elections: citizens elect those who will represent their interests. Lithuanian citizens elect the President of the Republic, representatives to the European Parliament, members of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, members of municipal councils, and mayors of municipalities. All the information about elections can be found on the website
Join a political party, run in elections: a citizen can be elected to the government authorities and become a representative of their voters. A list and contacts of political parties in Lithuania can be found here.

Last updated: 05-01-2022