Methodological tools

Guidelines for public consultations 

The purpose of the public consultation methodology is to establish a consultation mechanism for state institutions and bodies

The methodology defines the principles of open government and consultation, identifies entities conducting consultation and their interrelationship, and sets the standard for the process of organising and conducting public consultation. Guidelines for the application of the methodology have been developed in accordance with the provisions of the methodology and the results of the pilot consultations carried out.

The guidelines provide practical guidance on how to properly plan, organise, and conduct consultation, and how to analyse, evaluate, and publicise consultation results. It is recommended that the methodology and its guidelines be applied in the activities of municipal institutions as well.

Public consultation methodology and application guidelines (in Lithuanian). 

Other methodological tools

The Open Government Unit of the Office of the Government has developed the following methodological tools for ministries and other public sector organisations to implement the public consultation process ( in Lithuanian): 

  1. Methodological guidelines for the implementation of co-creation
  2. Recommendations for organising public consultation: Competencies
  3. Recommendations for organising public consultation: Preparation
  4. Recommendations for organising public consultation: Processes
  5. The ABC of public consultation: Creating a public consultation on the E-Citizen portal
  6. The ABC of public consultation: Planning
  7. What is a public consultation? When and how does it take place?
  8. 20 steps towards good public consultation
  9. 10 steps to involve the public in decision making

 Methodological tools developed by international organisations and other countries:

  1. Methodological tools of the Open Government Partnership
  2. Methodological tools of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
  3. Methodological tools of the European Commission
  4. Methodological tools of the United Nations
  5. The UK Open Policy Making Toolkit
  6. Australian Best Practice Consultation

To ensure proper and high-quality public enganement, the Office of the Government, together with partners, organises training for public sector institutions and bodies. Training on the following topics has been held:

  1. Open public governance
  2. Organisation of public consultation 
Last updated: 05-01-2022