Why is it important to ask public opinion?

Why is it important to ask public opinion?

Public policy issues are becoming increasingly complex and involve many different groups in society. Therefore, it is important to hear different sides and take into account the needs and suggestions of society to ensure quality solutions.

The General Principles of the 18th Government place great emphasis on discussion and knowledge-based decision-making, accountability, open data, and open communication of the Government. The public consultation process contributes to building an open Government and an open state.

Why are public consultations useful?

  • Consistent legislative process. Consultation helps save time in finding alternatives and justifying the problem or its solution, thus concentrating the greatest potential of knowledge, skills, and competencies;
  • Quality solutions that meet the needs of society. It is impossible to know everything about the needs of society, you need to ask and discuss the problem and solutions. Such decisions are more acceptable to the public and hence encourage compliance;
  • Greater public confidence. It creates a culture of cooperation with the public, facilitates management of emerging risks when different stakeholders disagree on a common solution, and creates a space for networking with field experts and new stakeholders, thus ensuring partnerships between the public, private and non-governmental sectors, and academics.

Open legislation

During the legislative process, the public is consulted, and an impact assessment on the possible positive or negative consequences is carried out.

The purpose of public consultation is to ensure openness and transparency, to find out the public’s opinion about the arising problems and the ways to solve them, and to enable the public to influence the content of the draft legislation. Consultation also helps better assess the implications of regulation.

Where necessary or following the adoption of a new piece of legislation, an ex-post evaluation of the impact of the regulation shall be carried out to determine the regulatory impact of the act already adopted.

Last updated: 05-01-2022