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Open Government Partnership

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is an international agreement by governments to create greater transparency, increase civic participation and use new technologies to make their governments more open, effective, and accountable. The initiative currently involves over 70 countries around the world, representing more than 2 billion people and thousands of civil society organisations through central and local government.

More information about international initiative can be found here.

Lithuania's participation in the initiative

To achieve greater public openness, Lithuania joined the Open Government Partnership initiative in 2011. Lithuania takes part in the initiative by drafting and implementing two-year national action plans. They set out two-year commitments in line with the above-mentioned open governance principles, as well as actions to implement them, responsible authorities, and expected results.

The process of Lithuania’s participation in the Open Government Partnership international initiative is inclusive and public. During the preparation of Action Plans, a wide-ranging public consultation (or series of consultations) is carried out with stakeholders, directions for development of open governance and measures for their implementation are discussed, and feedback is provided to the participants of the consultation.

Last updated: 06-01-2022