Open Government partnership

Lithuania’s participation in the initiative ‘Open Government Partnership’

Lithuania joined the international initiative ‘Open Government Partnership’ back in 2011. The initiative brings together 79 countries.

The initiative aims to help countries open up public governance institutions and processes to the people.

How does Lithuania participate in this initiative?

  • Institutions work together with civil society to develop and implement a two-year action plan.
  • The Action Plan provides for key commitments and guidelines for their implementation, responsible authorities and achievable outcomes.
  • The Action Plan shall be founded on the following three values:
    • Transparency
    • Public involvement
    • Responsibility

By this time, 3 Action Plans have been implemented on the following subjects:

  • Public involvement
  • e-government
  • Public services
  • Fiscal openness
  • NGOs
  • Open data
  • Anti-Corruption
  • Data management

You are welcome to become part of the Open Government network! Willing to engage?

As part of the network, you will be able to:

  • Contribute your ideas for the plan
  • Take part in their implementation
  • Share your best open public governance practices and spread the values of openness
  • Stand for the position of the ambassador of the network

Open Government Network consists of:

  • Citizens
  • NGO representatives
  • Municipal/regional representatives
  • Public sector employees
  • Business representatives
  • Academy
  • Experts in relevant fields

What is the procedure?

Stage 1 (March-July 2018)

  • Building a network
  • Selecting ambassadors of the network
  • Drawing up a 2018-2020 Action Plan

Stage 2 (July 2018 - August 2020)

  • Network members get involved in the implementation of the plan
  • Network members monitor the outcomes
  • Good open public governance practices are shared during different events
  • Implementation of openness initiatives brought forward by network members

Last updated: 17-05-2019