What is public consultation?

Public consultation: do you have any ideas to share? Take part in public consultation.

What is public consultation?

Public consultation is a form of cooperation between the government and the people aimed at gathering views and proposals from the people or stakeholders for making decisions. The public is consulted in decision making by state and municipal institutions and bodies, the Government, the Seimas or the European Commission. The public consultation enables people to participate in decision-making, balances public opinion, ensures the sustainability of decisions and informs citizens about nationally relevant decisions.

Consultation is the second level of public involvement:

  • Information
  • Consultation
  • Participation

When is the consultation held?

Consultation is held at all the stages of the legislative cycle

  • Declaration of a legislative initiative
  • Drafting of legislation
  • Adoption of legislation
  • Implementation of legislation
  • Revision of legislation

Consultation may aim at identifying and testing problems of public/national relevance, looking for alternative ways to address problems or gather evidence for draft legislation or evidence on the effectiveness of the existing legislation.

Consultation is held with:

1. Experts (NGOs, businesses/ associations, opinion leaders, organisations);

2. Population;

3. Both groups (experts and population).


An institution holds consultation before making a decision


YOU look for information on current

consultation on the website of the institution concerned

The institution holds consultation and provides all the information needed to better understand the subject and questions of the consultation

YOU participate in the consultation

(express your opinion, ideas)


The institution summarises the proposals

that you and others shared in consultation

YOU learn about the consultation outcomes

and other proposals

The institution evaluates the proposals

and uses them in decision-making

YOU follow on how your proposals impact decisions: find out how your opinion has been taken into account


What is the consultation process?

Public consultation can take various forms. It may include:

  • Surveys
  • Round table discussion
  • Conferences and forums
  • Cycle of interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Invitation to submit proposals
  • Other ways
Last updated: 19-06-2019