What is the Open Government?

Open Government - part of the Open Government:

  • Population
  • Private sector
    • Open courts
  • General public
    • Open self-government
    • Open independent control bodies
    • Open Seimas
  • Academic community

Open government means the culture of institutional governance and practice that builds on the principles of transparency, accountability and participation, and which focuses on change in the fields of horizontal governance and on better quality decisions.

Fields of horizontal governance:

  • Decision-making
  • Open data
  • Budget
  • Public services
  • Civil service
  • Government-citizens dialogue
  • Public procurement

Value of the Open Government:

Competence and openness lead to quality and sustainable decisions that have impact on different fields of governance and their outcomes. The application of the principles of openness in daily activities ensures higher quality in public services, efficient use of public funds, sustainability of public policy decisions and their understanding.

Last updated: 19-06-2019